A series of 3 Community Bulletins on the theme of:

Bulletin1: Dementia-Friendly Communities and Care Homes

A synopsis of the literature on the theme of dementia-friendly communities and care homes.

Bulletin 2- Emerging Principles of Dementia-Friendly Communities and Kinections

An overview of how we endeavoured to implement Principles Emerging from Dementia Friendly Communities within the work of Kinections. This Bulletin also includes an example from Craigie Care Home, Kilmarnock of how dementia-friendly community principles were evident within their work of developing their garden for care homes.

Bulletin 3- Connections between Care Homes and Dementia Friendly Communities/Initiatives

A report of a discrete piece of research exploring the perspectives of dementia-friendly initiatives and their connections with care homes.

Cornerstones of Dementia-Friendly Communities- an Emerging Community of Practice

Thoughts from Dr Annette Coburn, a Community Educator, and member of the Kinections Project Team, on the cornerstones of dementia-friendly communities and communities of practice.