To foster a relationship centred approach to practice the Senses Framework has been developed through research in a range of care settings by Professor Mike Nolan and colleagues at Sheffield University. The framework suggests that the best care for older people involves the creation of a set of senses or experiences, for older people, for family caregivers and for staff working with them. They put forward that, to achieve enriched environments of care, staff, patients and their families have to have the senses of security, belonging, continuity, purpose, significance and achievement met.

Outcomes of relationship centred practice are where staff, patients and families achieve the 6 senses. Managers in the My Home Life programme have been using this framework to reflect on whether these senses are met for everyone. You may want to use the Care Profiles that have been developed by Nolan and colleagues to profile the extent to which people feel the senses are being met in your care home. (Nolan et al 2006)

Resources to download

Senses Framework Poster

Senses Framework Rating Scales

Care Profiles (Relatives)

Care Profiles (Residents)

Care Profiles (Care Staff)