We encourage an approach that is about ‘doing things differently’ more than ‘doing different things’. Therefore, there is a real value placed on being really curious as to what helped something to be a good experience, or how could it have been improved. The Improving Experience Template is a resource which can be used to develop deeper understanding of the heart of people’s experience, to gather the story of their experience and the rich small but important details that are significant points of learning. The template has been designed to capture these as ‘on the spot’ reflections, so that it can become a reflex response to complete them as a way of capturing the learning which can then be shared. Once this learning has been captured it can then be shared more widely in order to help what has worked well to happen more of the time.

The How

Person involved in the experience fills in the template, this may then be the basis for further discussion.

The Where and When

Participants may like to fill one out after they have tried something they learned on the programme. Staff may like to fill them out as a way of capturing learning when something has worked really well e.g. after a positive mealtime experience, or where an intervention has gone well, or a conversation that helped to build relationships. A file with completed forms can then be created where the reflections are stored, and shared at team meetings to help explore what helped the innovation, however small, to work well and how could we help it to happen more of the time It may also be useful and interesting to share these innovations at meetings with patients and relatives, to widen awareness and involvement in improvement work. Other partners who visit your setting may also value reading these examples of your inquiry and development work.

Resources to download

Improving Experience FINAL web

Improving Experience Template word version