Instant Delights involves inviting people to share one  ‘thing’, however small, that can brighten their day. Asking people to stop and think about something which helps them to feel good can help to tap in to the positive effects of gratitude and mindfulness. It also links with principles  of Appreciative Inquiry, one being that what we choose to focus on grows. By choosing to focus on that which gives life and makes us feel good we are creating the conditions for that to expand in our lives, and in our communities. A second, is the value given to the conscious noticing of these ‘delights’ for which we are grateful, being mindful of noticing these positive elements in life is like a muscle that needs exercising and Instant Delights can help with that.

The value then of sharing these ‘brilliant things’ out loud is that it brings them to consciousness for ourselves, while also helping to build connections with others. Doing this exercise with staff, residents, clients, people who use services and families may be a useful way of helping staff to think about personal outcomes for people who use services, through becoming aware of how what adds value to life may not always be about ‘doing’, it can also be about ‘being’ and relating.


The How

Ask people to share something that helps them to feel good, it may be helpful to give some examples- see below. it is often useful to model this first so people have an idea about what this is about – so I might say one thing that makes me feel good is cycling without a helmet on so I feel the wind in my hair. Others quite quickly come on board with things that make a difference to them, however small.

Where and When

As an opening round at meetings

When talking about personal outcomes/ finding out what matters to people/ documentation in care plans

Resource to download

Instant Delights

* Instant Delights was previously called Every Brilliant Thing