Appreciative feedback is a process which involves actively seeking feedback from those you work with. We have developed a questionnaire and word chart that may help people in this process. The appreciate, relationship- focused questions on the questionnaire below have been designed to help the person filling out the questionnaire to consider what it is about their colleague that they value, as well as providing a space to name areas that may be worthy of attention
for growth and development. If being used independently of the questionnaire the two prompts below can stimulate conversation to harvest rich feedback.

I really value the fact that you are…

It would be really helpful if you could be more…

Within Appreciative Inquiry value is placed on the capacity of the act of asking questions to generate new thinking or new ways of being. We recognise that there can be uncertainty around finding means to give and receive feedback in ways which can help to build relationships. The Appreciative Feedback tool is offered as a simple, but effective resource which can be used to frame this feedback.

Questions in the Appreciative Feedback Form for the person filling in the form may:

  • Model how to ask appreciative questions- Model how to ask appreciative questions
  • Invite them to reflect on their colleague in ways which they may not have previously thought of
  • Lead them to consider how these questions might apply to themselves

Questions in the Appreciative Feedback Form for the person who the form is about are:

  • An opportunity to receive specific appreciative feedback on their way of being in work, particularly with regard to relational aspects
  • An opportunity to possibly learn something new about themselves, and others in terms of what is valued
  • An opportunity to experience how it is to receive feedback, which may open possibilities to be curious about what matters to other people when they are receiving feedback

The How

As an individual – as part of learning about yourself. Invite a number maybe 4 or 5 people initially who you would value feedback from. Ask them in advance if they would help you to learn more about yourself and provide the materials. You can ask them to send these back to you or if they prefer complete this and use the questions and their answers as a focus of discussion.

As an organisation – as part of a movement within the organisation to promote learning about ourselves and giving and receiving feedback. Some organisations have ‘feedback weeks’ using this inquiry tool twice a year where over a period of ½ weeks all are encouraged to invite people to give and receive feedback. Those that have done this have developed posters to raise awareness about the purpose of feedback week.

As part of personal development plans – some staff encourage the person who is engaging in their annual review to invite others to give feedback about them prior to this dialogue with their line manager.

The Where and When

This can either be completed as part of an email conversation or as a one to one dialogue in a place that is conducive to having meaningful uninterrupted conversations.

Resources to download

Appreciative feedback questionnaire

Appreciative feedback words poster