Educational resource:

Using appreciative inquiry to develop practice

This educational resource outlines an approach to developing practice that enhances caring conversations in the workplace.  It takes you through the process of appreciative inquiry, an approach which works with people to explore the value in what they do and how this can be built on rather than focussing on problems.

This resource has been developed as part of aco-design project funded by Queen’s Nursing Institute for Scotland and Burdett Trust for Nursing.  The project aimed to celebrate and develop excellent human interaction in a care home setting, promoting dignity between staff, residents and families.
This resource provides a step by step guide to appreciative inquiry. It includes videos of people who have been part of the project described above. (All videos are based on real events that arose during the course of the project, but have been re-enacted by staff and volunteers.  Where residents have been filmed, their consent has been given). The resource also includes downloadable materials to help you use this approach.

Appreciative inquiry is a powerful way of bringing about cultural development in the workplace.  Although it is used within this resource to develop caring conversations, it can be used to develop any aspect of practice. For instance, it has also been used to develop compassion, equality and diversity sensitive practice, and to improve experiences for staff, service users and families.



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