Improving experience stories

Our care homes have lots of examples of good practice; unfortunately many of these are not shared with the wider community and negative press often overshadows the great work being done.

Now is your chance to raise the profile of good care, please send us your good news stories – we’d love to share them and celebrate your achievements.

The improving experience template will help your capture your experience and learning. Please complete the template and ‘share’ your good news with the MHL community.

Enjoy good practice examples from care homes in Scotland – read through a collection of some of the great stories from around the county.

A poem by Helen Mcfadden, Care home Manager, Claremont Park Nursing Home Edinburgh. Helen composed this poem about her experience of being on the My Home Life programme.

The My Home Life Song

When the Glasgow MHL cohort was planning their Community Development Strand of the programme, we wanted to share our experience with residents and staff in all the Care Homes in Glasgow.

In August 2014 a ‘remi sing’ event was organised that involved 200 residents and staff from all over Glasgow who joined together for an afternoon of fellowship and song.

We thought it would be fun to also compose a song to a well- known tune which the MHL participants could perhaps sing together. Janet McGavin from BUPA wrote the song which has many of our MHL ‘mantras’, the 7Cs, and other concepts which all MHL associates will recognise!




Digital Stories

We invite you to view our digital stories.

Hester’s My Home Life Story: Finally fitting my shoes

This is Hester’s story, a care home manager who came on the My Home Life Programme. It is Hester’s personal reflections on her journey of participating in the programme and the difference it has made to her.



This is Suzanne’s story about her expereince on the My Home Life Programme in West Dunbarton.



Enhancing dignity through caring conversations

This photostream was one of the outcomes from a research project on enhancing dignity through caring conversations that carried out in Carnbroe Care Centre, North Lanarkshire.  The staff, residents and families pulled together to develop a poem about their learning from the project. The poem has been set to music and images and lets you see and hear what dignity in care feels and means to them.



Our Home Life – What’s great about care homes in East Ayrshire?

This is the story of the care home managers on the My Home Life East Ayrshire leadership support and community development programme 2013-14


My Home Life Scotland: Our journey

My Home Life Scotland: our journey is a collection of clips from the care home managers who have participated in the My Home Life Leadership support and community development programme.  Hear what they have to say about the programme and the difference it has made to them, their relationships and the care home they manage in their own words.