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What, Who and How?

Describing Kinections, and particularly what we will be doing in Kinections feels a bit like trying to describe a visit to somewhere you haven’t yet been. We know some of what to expect but the feel, the experience and the practicalities of being involved will only be fully known once we start the voyage.

What’s our Destination?

Imagine if in the 3 years of Kinections that we arrive in a place where we have stories of what being a dementia-friendly community means for us, in our care homes and we work together in ways which allow everyone to flourish.  Could our destination be that East Ayrshire is a leading example of what it looks like when people who live, work and visit care homes are cherished and supported by their local community.

This is a 3 year voyage so there may be other places (on the theme of dementia-friendly communities) that we don’t yet know about, places that we’ll decide together if we want to explore.

Who is on this Voyage?

Care homes in East Ayrshire are at the center of Kinections.  Residents, visiting family and friends, care home staff and volunteers, community and social groups, dementia-focused organisations, healthcare professionals, Care Inspectorate staff and volunteers, health and social care organisations, University staff and students, My home life UK community will all be invited to be involved.  There’s plenty of space for more people, would you or someone you know like to get on-board?

What will we be doing on the voyage and how will we get to our destination?

People from all the groups mentioned above will meet, discuss, question, debate on some of the following topics:

  • dementia-friendly communities in care homes, for all who live, work and visit care homes
  • specific ways which may help us to discover what matters to people with dementia and those who support them in care homes
  • sticky subjects such as positive-risk taking/community engagement/self-expression with regard to people living with dementia

People from all the groups mentioned above will be offered encouragement and support to:

  • use appreciative and relationship-centred approaches to practice curiosity, and explore what people who live with dementia and those who support them value
  • explore approaches and methods to communication which can be useful when engaging with people who have advanced dementia
  • try out ideas (however small) which may help those living with dementia in care homes to realise the best outcomes possible, based on what has been discovered to be important to individual residents
  • connect with wider community members and groups who may support positive outcomes to be achieved

Check back in soon as we gather and share stories