The Blueprint Resource uses the metaphor of a building blueprint as the basis for the generation and discussion of ideas at the start of a project. The metaphor of the blueprint is used to convey the idea that while we may not be starting from a blank sheet, i.e. there is an already established idea for the project, there is considerable amount of scope to work with others in building the structure and finer details of how we will move forward together.

The Blueprint metaphor is extended to incorporate the following aspects: foundations, planning permission, near neighbours, energy source, walls and ceilings, door and windows and décor. Each of these aspects is explored in the context of the over-arching focus of the discussion, for example, near neighbours might be those who have close links with the project.

The idea being that it is the shared ideas around all these different aspects of the project that will create help the project move from a ‘blueprint’, to something tangible that can be seen and experienced by others.

Blueprint Resource




Each of the 7 aspects listed above have accompanying questions that can serve as prompts for discussion.  Some of these may be more relevant than others depending on the nature of the project, and the amount of time available for discussion.

Following the discussion, an option for the feedback of ideas generated within the discussion could be to use creative means such as collage, 3D sculptures or artwork thereby helping to create a visual representation of what had been verbally shared.


Where it Could be Used

The Blueprint Resource was originally created as a way of inviting collaborative thinking at the beginning of a research project, it could also potentially be used in the planning and setting up of any new initiative, study or project, including PhD’s.


Resources to download

Blueprint Resource