Pantoum Poem

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The Pantoum Poem is another tool that can be used to help people reflect and represent their thoughts, feelings and ideas. It contains a reflective element, through the incorporation of reflective writing time at the beginning, and also the possibility … Continued

Kinections blog

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What, Who and How? Describing Kinections, and particularly what we will be doing in Kinections feels a bit like trying to describe a visit to somewhere you haven’t yet been. We know some of what to expect but the feel, … Continued


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Inspiring poetry, inspiring managers The MHL facilitators were asked to write a few words about their experience of working with the participants of the MHL programme. Fiona Cook then composed a Haiku of their collective experience. Karen made a ‘wordle’ … Continued

What’s Your Story?

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Welcome! What is a blog?  Where to start? A quick google search revealed a blog is a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links. Tips for writing blogs •             Try and make your content useful and unique to … Continued

My Home Life Retreat

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The first MHL Scotland Retreat took place on 14th August 2014. The retreat was a great success, providing an opportunity for participants of the Leadership Support and Community development programme to celebrate, network, share, connect and plan future collaborations and … Continued