Our Project Aim

To develop and grow  sustainable dementia-friendly communities in East Ayrshire with and for older people with dementia living in care homes and those who support them, enabling them to enjoy the best possible quality of life.

We Hope to…

Find out what matters to people in care homes living with dementia and those who support them.

Use this learning about what matters to people to enable people in care homes living with dementia to live the best lives possible.

Use this learning to deepen our understanding of the concept of community as it relates to care homes, and particularly what an experience of a dementia-friendly community would look and feel like.

Work together to imagine and co-create; to innovate and collaborate.

When, Where and with Whom

Duration of Project: 3 years. November 2017- November 2020. Project Launch Event Feb 2017.

Location: Care homes and the wider community in East Ayrshire

Who will be involved: Care home residents, visiting family and friends, care home managers and staff, volunteers, community and social groups, dementia-focused organisations, healthcare professionals, Care Inspectorate staff, health and social care organisations, University staff and students, My Home Life UK community and others who we will discover or who will discover us over the next three years

Human Rights in Care Homes

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To Hear More

If you would like to hear more about the project or may like to become involved please contact edel.roddy@uws.ac.uk or follow us on twitter @KinectionsEA


This work is supported with funding from the Life Changes Trust. The Trust is funded by the Big Lottery :