A-Z of Kinections Resources


Blueprint Collaborative Planning Resource

A resource which uses the metaphor of a blueprint for a house as a way of supporting conversations to plan collaborative work.

Community in Care Homes Questionnaire

A questionnaire for care home staff development, to help prompt reflection and discussion on how they participate and contribute in the care home community.

Community Qualities Cards

A set of cards with 40+ strengths-based qualities on them, to help people to name qualities they see in themselves and others.


A reflection tool which can be used alongside the Communities Qualities Cards, to reflect on existing and emerging qualities within individuals and the community.

Emotion Cards

A list of emotion words that can help to open up conversations where people name their emotions, to get to the heart of the matter. 

Future in Care Homes – CHIT-Chat Papers

CHIT-Chat stands for Care Home Inquiry Topics Chats. Each of the four papers covers a different topic for discussion in care homes among residents, staff and relatives. Topics include: Re-Imagining Risk, Recognising Expertise and Opportunity.

Heartfelt Cards

A list of everyday words and phrases which can sum up how we are doing. Similar to Emotion Words- these can be used to help people to express what is important to them.

Iceberg Tool

A visual prompt to encourage conversation about what we easily see or readily know about others in our care home community (the tip of the iceberg) and then all the other things we may still wish to find out (going beneath the surface). 

Insights-into-Me Print Version

A resource created to help get to know new residents, it can be used to find out the small and significant ingredients that are important to people- explores topics such as family and friends tree, words others might use to describe me, feeling fresh and clean and on the move. Click on link above for Insights into Me Print version. This resource is also available as an online interactive pdf Interactive Insights into Me

Instant Delights

A resource which can be used for quick conversations to Discover what gives others a feeling of ‘Instant Delight’. 

Key Card Questions

A set of 70+, questions, for residents, staff or relatives to pick and choose from and try out together as both a fun activity and a way of building relationships.

Knowing Me Knowing You Resourse Booklet

A booklet which gives detailed information about each of the Kinections resources and how they can be used in care homes.

Life in Care Homes – It’s Not Black and White

A booklet and video, which gives some real-life perspectives on day-to-day life in care homes.

You can watch the video which accompanies this booklet, by clicking on the link below.


Local Stories and Legends

A booklet of short stories and legends, to be read and enjoyed with ideas of how to develop the stories into sensory stories for people who may no longer use words.

Lounging Around Sketchbook

A booklet of ideas for activities and interactions for everyday life in care home lounges.

Making Sense of Things

A selection of images and prompts which can help people to think about things differently, as well as generate and express new ideas.

Picture Knowing Me

A selection of images and prompts to help people who live, work and visit care homes to learn more about the big and small things about each other.

Reflections and Ripples

A resource which uses well known song titles and prompts to help people reflect on their practice, and create positive ripples from this reflection and learning.

Stories with Legs

This resource outlines a 4-step process for taking a short snippet (story) from everyday life in care homes, and exploring with others, staff, residents or relatives, what the positive learning is from this story that could be brought forward into the future.


A resource developed by care home staff, to help us to S.T.O.P. and think in the course of our day.

Questions for Reflecting About Myself

A set of 16 questions which can be used as part of reflective practice work, to help us to think in new or deeper ways about ourselves and our relationships with others

Questions for Reflecting on How We Listen

How we listen can have as big an impact on our conversations, as what we say. These questions invite reflection on our listening to help it be the best it can.


Questions to Ask When Working in Groups

These questions can be used at the end of group discussion or when working with others, to help people to reflect and name out loud the things that are important to them when working with others.