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KeyCard Questions: An interactive activity where you click the button to have a question selected at random. Great as a conversation starter and getting to know new details about people.
Picture Knowing Me: Another interactive activity- this time click the button to spin the wheel which will stop at one of 20+ prompts. Suitable for conversations in one-to-one or group situations.
Insights into Me: This resource has been designed to help people get to know the small, and very significant things about one another. Can be used as a full document or particular pages selected to focus on.




Click on KeyCards above to be brought to our KeyCard Questions activity.

KeyCard Question have been designed to get people chatting and finding out new, surprising or mohttp://myhomelife.uws.ac.uk/scotland/interactive-online-activities/keycard-questions/ving insights about one another.

All you have to do is press the button on screen to have a question selected at random. Keep pressing as many times as you like.


Picture Knowing Me




Click on Picture Knowing Me above to be brought to our Picture Knowing Me Spinning Wheel.

Picture Knowing Me has been designed as a light-hearted, interactive way for people to share something about themselves, and learn something about others.

All you have to do is press the button on screen to spin the wheel. It will land on a topic- such as Significant Date. If you like you can share something about that topic, or spin again for a different topic.


Insights into Me

Click on the image above to be brought to this interactive resource which can be used to explore topics such as ‘Eats and Treats’ (mealtimes), ‘Feeing Fresh and Clean’ (personal care), How I Like to Spend My Day (activities). 
*** We also have a printable version of this resource Print Version Insights-into-Me