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Inspiring poetry, inspiring managers

The MHL facilitators were asked to write a few words about their experience of working with the participants of the MHL programme. Fiona Cook then composed a Haiku of their collective experience. Karen made a ‘wordle’ from the collective experience. The poem and the wordle was shared at the MHL retreat.

Haiku of the facilitators collective experience


bulbA real privilege
Undoubtedly rewarding
Achievement, purpose

Significant part
Personal humanity
Professional growth

Real vulnerability
Significant commitment
Rocky road at times

Feeling accepted
Meaningful relationships

Pleasurable work
Passion has blown me away
Proud to be a part

Developments, difference
Affirming, humbling

A tremendous buzz
Innovative new knowledge
Pleasure, privilege

New insights, stories
Blend of caring and courage
Be ourselves at work 

Amazing dedication
Moving, fun, enjoyable
Incredible learning

Making a real difference
This work is worthwhile