Caring Conversations are at the heart of becoming an appreciative practitioner. They are also central to enhancing compassionate and dignified experiences in the workplace and developing practice.

The Caring Conversations framework was developed by Professor Dewar in an appreciative inquiry study that analysed over 240 hours of nursing practice in a care for older people setting. Since then the Caring Conversations framework has also been used as a framework for supervision, action learning, engagement with people during the complaints process and other interactions.

In essence it is a tool that can enhance dignified and compassionate experiences in the workplace wherever that may be.

It comprises of the 7 ‘c’s:Caring_Conversations_hands

  • Be Courageous
  • Connect emotionally
  • Be curious
  • Consider other perspectives
  • Collaborate
  • Compromise
  • Celebrate

To see Professor Dewar talking about Caring Conversations watch the following short video clip:




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