Who we work with?

Kinections engages with a wide range of people who are connected with one or more care homes in East Ayrshire.

The project participants (co-inquirers) in Kinections are mainly from three broad groups:

  • people who live in care homes
  • people who work in care homes
  • people who visit care homes (be that in a personal or professional capacity).


They include:

Care home residents, staff, family and friends. People from groups and organisations linked with care homes including people from: voluntary and community groups, health and social care partners, creative practitioners, academics, organisations with an interest in dementia, local authority staff, Care inspectorate staff and local businesses.


What do we do in Kinections?

In Kinections we connect with people who live, visit and work in care homes to:

Gather Stories

We encourage people to share their stories about what is important to them in relation to their experiences of community in care homes, to uncover rich detail about what people currently value and to then use these stories as a platform for exploring what people feel would help to further develop community in care homes.

Create Resources

We develop creative resources to support conversations and interactions that can help to build strong bonds among people in care homes and can lead to the discovery of things about one another that we maybe hadn’t known before.

Develop Questions, Ideas, and Actions

We work with others to generate new questions*, new ideas, and (everyday small) actions that can help to further develop and enhance people’s experience of community in care homes.

* You may be wondering why we’ve included new questions in here. We work with an approach, called appreciative inquiry and caring conversations, that really believes in not needing to have to come up with fast answers. This approach trusts that if we are keen to get to the heart of things, and ask lots of questions of ourselves and others, that together we can come up with surprising and helpful ideas and actions that we could never have come up if we hadn’t taken some time to ask some questions.


We collaborate with other groups and organisations with an interest in supporting people with dementia and/or in care homes.  We are keen to learn and share with and from them about what enables care homes to be communities where everyone can thrive.

Share Learning

We share what we are learning as we go, knowing that there is always more we can learn and so we are always keen to hear people’s perspective on what we share so that it can be further developed. We aim to share our learning in Kinections in ways which are accessible, engaging and have practical value to those living, working and visiting care homes.

Facilitate Events

We facilitate events that bring people from care home communities together. At the heart of these events are opportunities for connection. At these events we gather stories, try out creative resources, develop questions, ideas and actions, spend time with our collaborators and share our learning.


Festival of Friendship 2020 Event
Festival of Friendship 2020 Event