What is Kinections?

Kinections is a collaborative research project, working with care homes across East Ayrshire, Scotland, to explore what community means for people who live, work and visit care homes, with a particular focus on the experiences of people living with dementia.


What are we aiming to do in Kinections?

Find out what is important to people in care homes living with dementia and those who support them.


Use our learning about what is important to people to help create a picture of what community in care homes looks like at its best.


Work together to enhance and imagine small, everyday ways in which people’s experiences of community can be strengthened in care homes.


Engage with people and groups from local communities and those who are involved with care homes to strengthen ways in which those who live and work in care homes are valued and cherished.


Infographic describing the connections made within East Ayrshire local authority and its care homes.