What are we guided by in how we work in Kinections?

In Kinections we use the following Frameworks which underpin My Home Life.

Appreciative Inquiry – Relationship-Centred Care – Caring Conversations.

Good Practice


If we were to sum up what the essence, or underpinning principles, of these three frameworks are we might say they are about:


  • Tapping into people’s stories as a powerful source of insight and energy. Sharing our own stories and listening to other’s stories can help us build connections and closeness.


  • Trusting that doing a deep dive of discovery into what people value, and what is currently working well provides rich learning that can be taken forward to enhance future developments


  • Being genuinely curious and inquisitive to find out more about each other, ourselves or a situation can be extremely helpful in deciding what to do (or not do) next.


  • Celebrating that everyone has expertise, skills and talents. Recognising and valuing the different types of expertise that people hold is a key way to build community


  • Recognising that it takes courage to try new things, to give something a go without knowing for sure how it will turn out. Believing that working together with others when trying something can help to build courage and confidence.

We do our best to bring the principles above into our work in Kinections.

Magnifying glass held in a hand. Keep an eye out when you look through the website, and see if you can spot examples of where these principles have come to life in Kinections.