Approach to Research in Kinections

The approach to research used in Kinections, which is called Appreciative Inquiry, places attention on learning what helps people to move toward their desired future.  The starting point within this approach is to gather stories of what currently works well and discover more about what people value in the current system. These stories then form the basis for the generation of ideas and actions.

Rather than everyone coming up with one agreed action plan for what helps to build community in care homes, the approach in Kinections involves exploring a wide range of different ideas and actions.

Generating ideas (about community in care homes) – involves research participants feeling able to allow their thinking to go in new directions- to re-consider what they had maybe previously taken for granted, or be open to thinking differently about something.

Practical Actions (about community in care homes)- involves research participants feeling able to take a small idea, and explore themselves or with others if they would like to give something new a go. This could be asking a different question, starting a new conversation, or trying out doing something a bit differently.