A poem for My Home Life Scotland

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A small/big journey

A short poem about transition


If I knew then what I know now

I’d have saved some creases on my brow!

My life as I had known it gone

The minute I walk in that home.

The building looms in front of me

Don’t like porridge, don’t like tea!

My life is packed inside my bag

My head is full of awful facts.


Now, I’m through the door I’ve found

A foreign land is all around but,

a friendly, smiling face I see

Says her name is Anne Marie.

She asks if I would like to talk

Or, maybe have a little walk?

I walk with her it’s warm and bright

She asks about the things I like.


I tell her of my life before

She smiles and wants to hear some more

We stop outside room number 2

The door’s a lovely midnight blue!

And then, as we go in I see

My treasured things in front of me!

We sit and chat a little bit

She seems to like my tales and wit!


I think that I may like it here

It’s not at all as I had feared

I know that I can still be me

My own life I can bring with me.


Alice Thomas with the Thornhill and South Ayrshire cohorts!

‘My home life’ retreat 14.08.14